Skin Health: Best Sunscreens to Protect Melanated Skin

What’s up X28 Fam! If you live where we do, then you know the sun has been out and it’s been hot in Georgia.

And…Beautiful weather always comes with great amount of sun exposure which means greater sun protection is needed.

 Now, I know you’ve heard that melanated skin does not require sunscreen. 


Darker skin can absolutely be harmed by excess sun exposure. Those of us with higher levels of melanin, can get some protection from UV rays, but not much; the highest level of protection darker skin can offer is SPF 13, and that’s not nearly enough.

Not getting the right amount of protection can lead to accelerated signs of aging like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles which can increased risk of cancer. 

 And we don’t want any of that!

 But thanks to the beauty gods, our people have more skin care options. Brands have begun formulating sunscreen that doesn’t wash out brown skin tones and enhances our glow while serving as a protective barrier.

 Need suggestions on great sunscreen? Here are some of my favorites for melanated skin:

Black Girl Suncreen: This product doubles as a moisturizing lotion, is formulated with natural nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba and cacao. The creme blends in with no white cast, and leaves a gentle, dewy glow

 Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen: Great for make-up lovers. With an effective SPF of 40, this product is lightweight and sheer. Use it as a practical barrier that’s also ready for  make-up application

Fenty Gently Skin Hydro Vizor Moisturizer: This sunscreen claps back  at dark spots, discoloration and dehydration. Plus, with SPF 40 and it’s flawless blend, this sunscreen boosts and brightens skin instead of leaving it with that chalky residue we all hate. 

Bolden Brightening Moisturizer: This face cream comes with SPF 30.  It easily blends into the skin and contains vitamin C. This Black owned brand carefully crafted this formula to provide brightening and corrective properties, and to help fight everyday damage.

Add sunscreen to your daily skin routine and your skin will be sure to thank you later.